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January 03 2012


Xbox - Well Worth

Microsoft is considered to be the giant when it comes to developing software. But with the release of their latest game console, XBOX 360, Microsoft aims to get the greatest percent of the gaming market.

Rumors have it that Microsoft is losing in its introductory price of the XBOX 360 core consoles. They say that XBOX is sold at a loss. This is probably part of Microsoft's plan to beat Sony's popular game console, the Play Station 3. Microsoft gets most of their revenues in video game sales, license fees, entertainment purchases and Internet advertising.

The XBOX premium package is sold at $ 399, much cheaper compared to the $ 599 price of Sony Play Station 3. You won't be sorry to spend that much on an XBOX. With your $ 399, you'll get the core XBOX 360 console with a removable 20 GB hard drive. It also includes a wireless controller, a headset, a HD AV component cable and a remote control.

For those into online gaming, getting an XBOX is perfect. With the purchase of the console, you'll get free xbox live. If you're not satisfied with the included peripherals of the premium bundle of the XBOX 360, you can purchase extra peripherals which would amount to $ 200. Surely, you'll have an amazing gaming experience.

If you only want to play games with your XBOX console, you can just purchase the core system. The XBOX 360 core system retails for only $ 299. You'll get a wired controller and standard A/V cable with your XBOX 360 console. Of course, you can upgrade your XBOX package anytime. Just purchase a hard drive and you'll get a fully featured console.

A 20 GB hard drive would cost you around $ 100. You can also get a 64 MB memory unit for $ 40. The wireless controllers which use two AA batteries cost $ 50. If you want a charger for this, you'll have to pay $ 20 to get a charge kit. A rechargeable battery kit will only cost you $ 12. If you prefer to use a headset, you can get one for only $ 20. An XBOX remote and S-video cable both costs $ 20, while a HD-AV cable costs $ 40. You can also get a wireless network adapter for $ 100.

Gone are the days when games were only played outdoors by young children. With technology and a bit of imagination, visually stimulating games can now be played indoors.

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